10 months 200hrs Training

The Banyan Tree Yoga Teacher Training Course aims to:

Give the trainee Yoga Teacher the tools to spread yoga in a safe and thoughtful way.

Emphasis placed on personal inner experience and growth. Providing a non-dogmatic teacher training program, that’s suitable for the west yet acknowledges the eastern roots of yoga. A teacher that is true to themselves and not a copy of someone else. 


Course Syllabus


Learning outcomes

  • Help and encourage the student’s personal development by to encouraging their personal practice physical and mental practice. Researching, questioning and deepening their knowledge of yoga by all means available.
  • To gain the teaching skills required to help others on the yogic path and to be able to produce a practice that’s right for their future yoga students.
  • To learn how to manage different classes and create yoga courses for different abilities.
  • To learn how to set up, run, teach and develop a yoga class/business with all the right tools necessary.
  • To be confident teaching yoga on a one to one basis and in large group settings.
  • There are things to memorise, but our main goal at Banyan Tree is that the student understands the teachings of yoga and it various elements!
  • To become a yoga teacher that cares about their students and understands how to safely provide the practices of yoga to the wider world.

Dates and Cost

The 12th 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training (Yoga Alliance accredited) course commences on 11th October 2024 until the 6th July 2025. Running from 6.00pm to 9.00pm  on Fridays and 9.00am until 6.30pm on Saturday and Sundays and taking place on only one weekend per month for 10 months. Prices from £266 / month. 

October 11, 12, 13January 10. 11. 12May 16, 17, 18
November 8, 9, 10February 21, 22, 23June 6, 7, 8
December 6, 7, 8March 14, 15, 16July 4, 5, 6
 April 11, 12, 13 


The venue is Yoga Hub Liverpool, 21 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9BS. Our venue offers teacher trainers the opportunity to practice teaching in a purpose built yoga studio. We are the only Registered Yoga Teacher Training School in Liverpool.

Our teaching team consists of six highly experienced teacher trainers, each bringing their own unique strengths to the teaching team and their specialist areas, to ensure your journey is as rewarding as possible.

Frank Perry (Senior YogaTeacher) has been teaching various styles of yoga from Ashtanga to Yin and remedial forms of yoga since qualifying with David Swenson in 2003.

Stuart Alexander (Senior YogaTeacher) founder of Yoganation and Yoga Hub Liverpool, began teaching karate 25 years ago before discovering yoga in 2005. He later qualified with Yoga Alliance in 2010 and opened Liverpools first Hot Yoga studio. He teaches hot and non hot yoga at Yoga Hub Liverpool which he founded in 2013.

Niamh Kavanagh a teacher of yoga and meditation for over 20 years with influences from Tantra, Breath work & Buddhism as well as contemporary teachings. Niamh is now teacher of Hridaya Yoga & Meditation.

Mike Cragg of Harmony Holistics (Senior YogaTeacher) has been teaching Yoga for over 35 years and holds the British Wheel of Yoga Teachers’ Diploma. Mike has taught several Foundation Courses for the BWY and is now a Yoga teacher trainer and assessor for the Yoga Alliance.


Banyan Tree Yoga Teacher Training
modules and individual subject hours

Yoga Classes Overview - 24.5hrs

How to practice, teach and set up for different styles of yoga

  • Ashtanga yoga 1.5hrs
  • Dynamic sequencing variations to Ashtanga Yoga 2.5hrs
  • Hot yoga 3hrs
  • Sivananda yoga 1.5hrs
  • Yoga by candle light 2hrs
  • Kundalini yoga 2hrs
  • Partner Yoga – helping one another 1.5hrs
  • Iyenga yoga 1.5hrs
  • Recuperative Yoga 2hrs
  • Yin Yoga class 1.5hrs
  • Chi Gong class 1.5hrs
  • Fun Laughter Yoga & Group Yoga 2hrs
  • Music Bath – using instruments 2hrs

Posture Clinics - 19hrs

How to practice, teach and cue various types of postures
  • Dog pose and neutral poses 1.5hrs
  • Sun Salutations – Surya Namaskar 4hrs
  • Standing poses 2.5hrs
  • Forward bends standing, seated, supine & inverted poses 2.5hrs
  • Twists in standing, seated & lying positions 2.5hrs
  • Back bending poses 2hrs
  • Standing balances 2hrs
  • Hip openers for sitting in cross legged or lotus 2hrs

Relaxation, breath work and meditation - 13hrs

How do they differ from each other and how to practice, teach and cue these beautiful techniques?
  • Relaxation methods & yoga nidra – learn how to practice and teach a beautiful relaxation 2hrs
  • Pranayama – How to sit and observe the breath, practicing various pranayamas 7.5hrs
  • Meditation – What is meditation and what is awareness? How to practice concentration and how to practice meditation 3.5hrs

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics - 13.5hrs

Understanding the yoga lineage and how it affects us today and how to use its ancient teachings
  • Overview of Yoga – The History and Styles of Yoga 2hrs
  • Vedas & Upanishads 1.5hrs
  • The Bhagavad Gita inclucing a physical practice 2hrs
  • Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga part 1. Yamas & Niyamas 2hrs
  • Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga part 2 – The outer path – asana, pranayama & pratyahara(the door going in) 2hrs
  • Patanjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga part 3 – The inner path – dharana, dhyana, & samadi 2hrs
  • Satsang Yamas & Niyamas – conduct of a yoga teacher 2hrs    

Teaching Toolbox for an Aspiring Yoga Teacher 23hrs

A toolbox of things you will not learn in any yoga class
  • Sanskrit for teaching a yoga class 1.5hrs
  • Introduction to teaching – teaching styles for yoga 1.5hrs
  • Warm up, limbering, stretching and cooling down – the difference 1.5hrs
  • Safety in a General and Hot Yoga – Benefits, contraindications, precautions 1.5hrs
  • Student teacher communications 2hrs
  • What is a balanced class? How to structure a balanced class 1.5hrs
  • Lesson planning 1.5hrs
  • How to teach yoga safely and looking after our body during a yoga practice 1.5hrs
  • How deliver a yoga workshop example will be delivering a Handstand workshop for beginners 2hrs
  • Teaching yoga to senior, pregnant and disabled students, yoga is for all 2hrs
  • Legal aspects of teaching yoga 1hr
  • The business of Yoga – setting up classes, the basics 1hr
  • How to use of yoga equipment in your teaching 1.5hrs
  • Understanding the tax returns of a yoga teacher 1hr
  • Questions & answer session – with what do students teachers need help 1hr

Art of Teaching Yoga – A part of the Teaching Toolbox 9.5hrs

Learning the actual teaching skills to be a great yoga teacher
  • Art of teaching yoga overview 2hrs
  • Art of observation – how to notice your students, what to what for 1.5hrs
  • Art of demonstration – how to deliver clear demonstrations, students can easily follow 2hrs
  • Art of adjusting students – how to adjust, using voice, demonstration and touch 4hrs

Functional Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga 18hrs

Learning how the body works to make you a great yoga teacher
  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and Anatomical terms – talking the same language 1hr
  • Skeleton 2hrs
  • Skeleton revision test 1hr
  • Muscular system 2.5hrs
  • Muscular revision test 1hr
  • Respiratory – the mechanics of breathing 1.5hrs
  • Respiratory revision test 1hr
  • Pranayama – Diaphragmatic Breathing and the Vagus nerve 1.5hrs
  • Functional Anatomy 5hrs
  • Nervous, cardiovascular and lymph systems overview 1.5hrs

Teaching practice and development 17hrs

We start by learning a sequence, then teaching just one other student, then 2 students, then 3 and so on.
Before you know it, you are happily teaching a class of between 10 and 20 students and enjoying every moment. This allows every student teacher to grow and grow with confidence.
  • Learning a Hot Yoga sequence – 3 classes 6hrs
  • Dynamic sequencing various routines – how to put together various routines 2hrs
  • Students developing and practice teaching their own yoga class sequence – 4 classes of teaching practice in small groups 9hrs

Subtle body 13hrs

Access your highest Self through the subtle body practices of Kundalini Yoga
  • Chakras and the 5 bodies 4.5hrs
  • Bandhas + Bandhas yoga class 3hrs
  • Kriyas 2hrs
  • Mantras 1.5hrs
  • Chanting 2hrs


How we assess your understanding of yoga and your new yoga teaching skills

Microteaching 14hrs

Teaching for the first time your fellow students a short class, overcoming fears and enjoying teaching
  • EACH student to lead/teach a 15 minute class they constructed to the whole group. All students on the course take part as yoga students as each student teacher teaches.  
  • All students then to provide feedback of what went well and what could have been improved at the end of each class. 
  • After the students have given their feedback the Yoga Alliance Professional teachers will provide supplementary feedback.

To pass this part of the course, the student must complete teaching their 15 minute class.

SYT contact hours – 14hrs

Non SYT contact hours – N/A

Non-contact hours – 10hrs preparing

Total hours – 24hrs


Yoga Philosophy/Anatomy student mini 5 min presentations talk 7.5hrs

To learn something well, a good practice is to teach it

Here you will learn and deliver in your own words a short presentation/talk to the whole class. This is fantastic revision of topics we have learned on the course for you and for the students listening to your talk. You will also learn so much from all the other students’ presentations/ talks. 

To pass this part of the course, the student must complete giving their 5 minute presentation/talk

SYT contact hours – 7.5hrs

Non SYT contact hours – N/A

Non-contact hours – 5hrs preparing

Total hours – 12.5hrs


End of Course Test Paper 1.5hrs

We make sure you the student are well prepared for the final test. We will only have questions that are important for you to be a great yoga teacher. 

We will also help you by practicing a practice test paper 1.5hrs 

Revision for the Practice Test Paper and the End of Course Test Paper 5-10hrs

To pass the End of Course Test Paper, a pass mark of 50% is required.

SYT contact hours – 3hrs

Non SYT contact hours – N/A

Non-contact hours – 5-10hrs studying

Total hours – 8-13hrs



"My name Lee Burns and I was a student at the YogaHub for 3 years and loved every moment of it. All the staff are so friendly and the teacher's are amazing. I found my yoga really improving so the next step of my yoga journey was to become a yoga teacher. I was guided through the intense teacher training course by Banyan Tree school of yoga teacher training by Stuart and Frank. The course was great and I learned so much and gained a wealth of experience and knowledge to become a yoga teacher. I also met fellow yogis on the course who I still keep in touch with. I have now been teaching yoga for over 4 years now and would highly recommend Banyan Tree school of yoga to any budding yoga teacher. Thanks so much to all the teachers and guest teachers for helping me through my journey in becoming a Yoga teacher especially Stu and Frank."

Lee Burns

I would highly recommend the teacher training course at yoga hub, all of the teachers are highly knowledgeable and each bring different aspects to the course which is great. Stu and Frank offer lots of support to everyone and always make the time to have a chat and offer guidance and encouragement when it is needed. The continued support which I have had since my training at yoga hub has finished has been really great and I know if I need it then words of advice will always be given. If you are looking to expand your knowledge of yoga or want to go into teaching then this is a really great course to begin your journey. The training I received has given me the confidence to go out and teach what I love and I am really happy that I chose yoga hub to do my 200 hours teacher training,


I trained with the Banyan Tree School of Yoga in 2016. Very thorough and professional delivery. Very experienced teachers. The knowledge and experience from the course provided me with a platform from which I could go out to teach. When I started the course, I was already an experienced and qualified teacher, but not in yoga. Doing something I was not fluent/confident with was a massive challenge - but I think I am the better for. The course gave me a new perspective on yoga and life acceptance. I currently teach adapted yoga and wellbeing to adults with disabilities and isolated older learners. My learners like the fact that I can explain why I adapt asanas for them - knowledge I gained from the course. Thank you.Debs


Before I embarked on my teacher training, I had lots of concerns about not being ready. From the outset however, all of the teachers set me at ease and throughout the course gave an incredible level of support and guidance. The balance between their input and the need for me to take responsibility for my own learning and teaching style meant that by the end of the course, I felt confident in my ability to teach. There was so much more to the course than learning to teach yoga though - it was literally life changing for me and I got to spend many weekends with an amazing group of yogis and teachers.

Helen Tang